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Our collection of decorative eggs have proven to be a best seller year round from Easter to Christmas. Whether an Easter gift or perennial piece, customers from across the board including first time buyers and collectors, continue to enjoy our decorative and Easter eggs during any time of the year.

Egg Decorating is one of the oldest crafts in folk tradition, dating back to B.C. as an expression of long-lasting friendship. Before the world's major religions evolved, virtually every culture used decorative eggs as an object of faith, a symbol to pave the way to eternal life, fertility, and love. Thought to have a supernatural ability, the egg protected family and farm, life and harvest. The magical abilities of the egg were thought to be further increased by decorating, using a number of intricate techniques. No wonder the egg was honored with such attention and adoration throughout the centuries.

All eggs are hollow and available with or without string unless otherwise indicated.


Wire Wraped Painted
Straw and Wax Ostrich Etched & Cut-outs