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What better way to decorate the Christmas holidays than with a hand-crafted nativity scene? Providing a wide range of nativity sets and Christmas items, our unique ornaments and nativities come in a variety of medias including wood, ceramic, cornhusk straw and embroidery. The pictures below are only a few from our large selection of colorful and skillfully crafted Christmas nativities.

"Tiffany" Goose Egg Ornament
$ 15,00 each
Red & Green Ornaments
Sold ass 5 pieces set
straw and wax details
$ 56,00 each
Nativity Inside Wire Wrapped
Goose Egg Ornament
Wire Wrapped Eggs
Assorted wire ornaments inside
sold as 6 piece
$ 9,00 each
Small Glass Ornament
Sold as 3 piece set
Red/Gold Egg Ornaments
sold as 5 piece set
assorted paterns
$ 3,00 each
Large Glass Ornament
sold individually
Red Straw:
diameter 2"
sold in sett of 6
heart, bell, bird, fish, tree, star
$ 9.00/set